A letter for our readers:

Welcome NGOs,
Some of you may be new to this site while others might have read the book ‘I Am NGO’. While your eyes are taking a tour of this page I wish to explain the idea behind creating this website and the mission we shall all fulfil to create a great diamond using our carbon atoms (Refer book).
The idea behind starting a self-contained NGO struck when I was standing under a streetlight watching a drunkard walking along with his infant granddaughter (probably) towards their home after a day long hard work of begging, cursing and creating a negative environment for this child. Which Government or NGO will take care of the child’s emotional and educational needs? I asked myself.
While we stand under such streetlights we can identify many paths less travelled leading somewhere, each of them awaiting our footsteps and seeking our actions to the situations observed by us. There are many markings, following which we can reach the house of such poor child facing all the storms she faced and experiencing the pain she felt when nettles pierced her feet walking barefoot. We can see hundreds of paths leading somewhere standing under a streetlight. Such streetlights provide us with the power of observation and with that power it is up to us to choose to become an NGO and walk on the path observed or just note our observations and wait for someone else to walk on that path. Are we permanent NGOs or seasonal ones which volunteer occasionally (summer holidays)?
The whole idea behind starting a self-contained NGO lies in contributing our resources to at least one such path (person) at a time and when all such people become a small self-contained NGO helping the people in the area that surrounds them there shall be no scope of misery. Just like Sun provides light to the planets and stars around it. Let’s try becoming a Sun for the planets revolving around us.
Does everyone need money?
No, we as an NGO should be capable of contributing our resources, wisdom, skills, time or turning somebody’s negative Habit into a positive one. After all ‘Sharing is Caring’ and ‘The law of Coexistence’ governs our lives.
We regularly update this web blog with our experiences and that of our readers. It would be really helpful if you request the managers of your NGOs (your conscious mind) to provide us with more innovative and effective ways to make some charity to the area that surrounds us and fill the details in ‘Activity column’ or ‘Share Something column’ of this website. We want you to believe that you all are admins of this website and are free to post any relevant content which synchronizes with our mission. This would help the upcoming NGOs to set up their self-contained organization very easily.
There is a lot to convey, we need to pave the way
the seeds are being sown, all we need is to make a pray.
let’s get together for a purpose, so great
soon the sun shall shine over the bay.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Our Mission:

Volunteering for our own self-contained NGO with a purpose to abide by our visions and helping others start their own self-contained NGO to fill the gaps unfilled for each other.

Pros & Cons

  • No dilution of control and conflict of interest like existing so-called charitable institutions, many of which end up serving ineffectively to a small section of people by collecting funds from a large section of people. What an irony!!
  •  No dependence on Governments for micro acts.
  •  7.7 Billion small NGOs serving each other.
  • Filling the gaps unfilled of our friend’s NGO. (Eg- Mr X an artist and a drug addict teaching his art skills to a friend who is unskilled. While his friend though unskilled but healthy can work on helping Mr X to quit such addictions, after all, their NGOs don’t serve the whole but only one and don’t work for money).
  • Currently, I haven’t seen any in all these years. Just in case you observe one, feel free to write to us and we shall publish it. 🙂
So let’s construct for our NGOs, let’s volunteer for our NGOs, let us fulfil our mission and become the change we seek.
Happy Volunteering!!!