An Introduction

Kindly Read about our  ‘Mission’  if you haven’t yet. When the population became countless and social welfares were no more an affair for others well-being, people of this planet worried and deprived, resorted to micro welfare schemes for themselves and those around them. Waiting for the unfulfilled promises of a genie who said that he will return with money, happiness, and social gifts, everyone resorted to becoming a genie in their own self to fulfil the social promises made to them and those around them. Soon, God, surprised and amazed at the quick production of genie crop in this vast field realized that there is hardly any farmer deprived and hardly any misery left. He then granted a blessing to the people of this planet which resulted in happiness across the widespread land, for generations to come, holding hand in hand. While the governments and large organizations proudly claiming themselves to be the saviours of the poor had been failing continuously due to lack of

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